People walk around with their day to day business, shopping, meetings, work and daily routines. Little do they realise or to imagine that there are battles and wars which rage hand in hand on this earth which can’t be seen by their eyes. It is one which men and women only see a consequence of but never witness. The battles are so fierce and rage with such power that the only effect we encounter is the odd gusts of wind from nowhere or a sudden jolt a split second flash of light, when the battles are so fierce that it leaks in to our physical existence without warning.

These warriors and soldiers on both opposing sides have mighty powers which they unleash upon one another. Everyday these battles rage on, never ceasing, the tussle between two mightily strong forces neither of which give up and hold fast an keep fighting.

The following images are a tiny visual representation of the moments of fierce battles and the power which they convey. The tremendous impact, the real power, light and energy of these amazing battles of these two forces.